Lakkidi View Point

Lakkidi Viewpoint

Views from Lakkidi Viewpoint

The visitors to God’s own country, Kerala are often mesmerized by the pristine beauty of its beaches and backwaters lined with thick coconut groves. The pretty pictures of them have played a critical role in highlighting Kerala as ‘ God’s Own Country’. But there is more in Kerala which is beautiful to the extreme. The Lakkidi viewpoint at an height of 2300 feet is one such gem. Situated on the  Kozhikode-Wayanad border it offers some unparalleled bird’s eye views of mountain ranges of western ghat. It is along NH 212 and connects Wayanad with Kozhikode and the rest of Kerala. It is also called as the ‘Cherrapunjee of Kerala’ for high amount of rains at an average yearly rainfall of around 500 to 600 cm. The resultant lush green mountains with Pookot lake just at 3 km from here sets this place as a perfect picture post card indeed.

My tryst with the beauty of Lakkidi occurred in month of June this year when I went to Wayanad with my family for an holiday. On NH 212, travelling good 58 kms from Kozhikode we cleared 9 hairpin bends between Adivaram and Lakkidi on the highway to reach this point.When we reached there in late afternoon, we saw many vehicles stationed there along the road. The weather was clear on that day. The passengers of these vehicles were merrily clicking the photographs in all possible poses and one thing was common in most of their efforts to get the best shot. All of them were trying to get the background of the valley view in their pics. I too fell to the temptation and got few pics. The view of lush green hills with interminable views for miles together, was really amazing and awesome. I could not resist myself to get my picture clicked with the background of mountains. For the family photograph, services were hired from our young at 60 driver, D. Unnikrishnan. He obliged us with photographs happily. In fact he got so engrossed in his effort to be a good photographer to his guests that we had to warn him many times about the oncoming vehicles on the NH, as he could not see them with his back to road. He did not disappoint us either as you can see the photograph taken by him below.

The Family Pic with panoramic background of Mountain ranges

Family Pic with panoramic background of Mountain ranges

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