Osho:25 years after his death

osho_bhagwan_shree_rajneesh_portrait_by_dry_brush_by_drawing_portraits-d5cl2poOsho was one Guru, who talked about death more often than anybody else. He believed that death renovates us and that, it is a path to progress. I was there at Osho International Pune, in the first week of January this year, close to his 25th death anniversary. Osho however would have differed with me on my opinion on death anniversary. On the walls of his Lao Tzu room used by him before death, his followers perhaps on his personal instructions have written, that he was never born and he never died. That may be true for all of us, as the soul never dies. It only adorns new bodies with the passage of time.


Ever since I was exposed to Osho as an adolescent, I had thought of seeing the place he chose and landscaped originally in 1974, for the practitioners of Oshoism. He resettled at Koregaon on the outskirts of city of Pune in 1985, after getting expelled from U S A in controversial circumstances. He breathed his last on 19th January 1990, at the Osho International Meditation Resort. So, I was there with few of my family members.DSC_4118

Osho challenged every idea, he could. He questioned every thing. He examined all regular ideas on the altar of truth. He was unapologetic and unrelenting in his criticism, if he felt that any idea is not meeting his stringent conditions of his reasoning. He spared no body and invited controversies too. But he carried on his crusade. He was obviously not so popular in his times, but his strong band of followers were truly mesmerized by his talks and sermons and many rich and famous bestowed him with material wealth and comfort too.

I went to Osho meditation center perhaps out of curiosity. I have been listening to him since many years and his audio discourses have given me many logical ideas. The Osho center at Koregaon, Pune is generally out of bound for visitors, due to security reasons and maximum you can do, is to buy books etc at the Osho book shop. I requested them to let me see the place and to see, how do people live there. They allowd me a little stroll in the outer periphery of Ashram. I found men and women in their maroon robes moving around and chatting with each other too. At a marbled big area, characterized by a raised podium, there were many of his followers were meditating in different poses. Osho used to give his sermons, till he was alive. Due to my limited understanding, I could not fathom all.osho

The passage around Ashram is marked by well kept greenery and many small waterfalls. The usage of flowing water for landscaping is really beautiful. I think it carries a lot of meaning for creating meditation energy. I felt fresh and good there. I also noticed that exterior walls of all structures there were in black. The black marble has been used quite aesthetically. The walls of the premises too have been painted in black and so have been the bamboo fences. On my query, I was told that Osho had got it done so in last years of his life. Why this was so, could not be made clear to me.xVisit_Facilities,P20n,P20Services_FAQ.jpg,qitok=ZgYD2kyW.pagespeed.ic.E9XNZgMWG8Finally, I came back to visit the book shop and loaded myself with many of his books. His sermons have been published in form of 650 books and translated in more than 50 languages of the world. It is often said, that Osho is one spiritual leader, whose popularity has only increased after his death and many people around the globe find a path to peace and solitude in his books and sermons. I believe that I need to read more about the man and his ideas. I need to know more about him and his ideas. I need to grow.osho-black

Thanks Osho, for living with us.


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