Beauties With Backless Cholis in Dilli Ki Sardi

Is this possible in Winters?

Is this possible in Winters? Yes.

In recent winter chill engulfing entire north India, if you have been to a marriage ceremony, you would not have failed to notice the Indian beauties at their best, bedecked in jewelry, head to toe. What you would have shocked to note however would be girls and women right from the ages of 12 to 42, walking around in their pricey lehengas with backless cholis without even a shawl in that extreme bone-chilling cold-wave winters. Although there are no snow blizzards in India, on lines of Boston U.S.A., nobody can challenge the chill of North India at its peak in January every year, not at least men in the same ceremonies covered from top to toe in maximum in their Band-galaas and in Jackets, long shawls and pullovers. Kejariwal is no fool actually, to drape a muffler in his dehati (rural) style. But our ladies are different and perhaps made from weather proof, sourced from ISRO, material. Recently a joke has been circulated on social media that, ” What is the only mammal besides polar beer that can withstand the cold-wave of north India without a cloth? Girls in backless cholis in Delhi!!!! Brrr.

Is that possible actually? I don’t think so. Homo sapiens are warm blooded and have to maintain the body temperature around 37 degree Celsius. The temperatures in chilly winters drop up to 3 degrees many a times and particularly during the nights. Majority of Shaadis too take place at night and there you find bold and beautiful at their charming best and without any shawl, sweater, cardigan or jacket. Though, they would have though spent n number of hours to buy those, frustrating even the most patient shopkeeper and husband in equal proportion. From which source then, comes up the energy to recover remaining 34 degrees of heat to avoid hypothermia in winters? Ladies don’t hibernate either.

The physics has hardly any answer to it. Chemistry too can’t explain either. The science fails you. The explanation perhaps can come from sociology, psychology and humanities. The females of human species, unlike the females of any other species, want to look attractive (in other species male has to be attractive and dashing) and the social gatherings like marriages are the place to watch for. But is that reason enough? Human beings have reasoning power too. How that does not come in between woolen less beauties and any desire to look beautiful and presentable? I find myself least qualified to answer this. There has to be some transcendental science behind this, yet to be understood properly. And, if we could ever understand and deconstruct the genetic coding (need perhaps another genius like Alan Turing!) of Indian ladies while attending these functions, we could be finding actually the wonder solution to meet the needs of our troops at Siachen!

I have read about Yogis living in Himalayas and exposing themselves to snow without any cloth and still surviving year after years. I have also read about a mountaineer trying to scale Mount Everest without a shoe. Really? But, then these ladies are no less than great yogis or yoginis in true Indian tradition. I am also not sure, if there are longer and more beautiful queue outside the clinics of successful doctors during intersection of cold wave and marriage season. In fact, I have even noticed lady doctors attending these functions without any woolens and with as minimum as presentable clothes. Who would then, tell a doctor attending a marriage to avoid hypothermia?

I can only say that when it comes to death defying stunts, our ladies are no less. We have been impressed by super elastic Nadia Commence of Romania, but we are no less proud of our ladies now. They can defy the physics and chemistry both, year after year and function after function. Hail Indian beauties. Long live Indian beauties!

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