Avians of Jim Corbett


Except a crow, how many birds can you recognise or can call by their exact names? I have always struggled on this front. At my home in Lucknow, I have mostly seen sparrows, doves, parrots, eagles and kingfisher at most. For rest, I have been depending upon supporters of Salim Ali called as Indian Guru of Ornithology. Recently, I bought a book on Indian Birds from Amazon and had a close look at the names and features of many birds I have been seeing or listening about. The book published is basic and good one and can be a quick guide for beginners.collins-field-guide-birds-of-india-original-imadzbfydq4xt5wr

Loaded with information of the book along with a decent binocular, I traveled this month to one paradise for bird watchers- Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand. Close to Himalayan mountain ranges, the park houses hundreds and hundreds of birds and is a great game for bird watchers. Right from morning to late evening, you can see more variety of birds at one place than perhaps at any other place in India. I was able to click pictures of few with good clarity and some I could not because the bird did not pose for me long enough!

Serpent Eagle

Serpent Eagle


Himalayan Pied Kingfisher


On the Prowl!


Green Bee Eater

Indian Roller

Indian Roller

Sigara: Birds' nemesis

Sigara: Birds’ nemesis

Apart from the birds clicked by myself, I saw many more. One bird with long tail, I missed to click was Paradise Fly Catcher, unique to this area. Hope to catch that in my next visit to Corbett!

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