Bombay Velvet


One of most awaited movie of 2015, Bombay Velvet was released today. The movie based on the novel by the same name by Gyan Prakash tries to present the Bombay of 1960s. Gyan Prakash has co written the story of the movie too. The Bombay of 60s was known for smuggling of gold, Jazz Bars, rivalry among builders and emergence of media as the game changer too.

The movie tries to project the era through protagnists Johnny Balraj played by Ranbir Kapoor and Rosie played by Anushka. The protagonists are of ofcourse surrounded by many characters, shady and otherwise,  including Karan Johar as one Khambata. The film starts with a backdrop of 1949 India and travels up to Bombay if 1969. Johny Balraj played by Ranbir Kapoor is a pugilists and street fighter. He wants to be a big shot like those of big guns of Hollywood films and does not mind even dying in the process. Anushka has played Rosie escaping from Portuguese controlled Goa and settling in Bombay as a Jazz singer and falling in love with Ranbir Kapoor and his earthy charm. The role of media and newspapers in settling personal and financial disputes is amply highlighted. The political-bureaucratic-Police-Builder nexus is well articulated in the movie. The cinematography and the costumes and the over all setting of Bombay is well presented in the movie. The setting is authentic and enjoyable.

The story of film lacks the novelty factor as the story of ‘Bombay’ has been well used in multiple movies. There is no surprise element therefore in the plots narrated through. Acting wise Karan Johar does not look and act villainous and is a week part of movie actually. The role of Johnny’s friend played by Satyadeep aka Chiman Chopara is watchable. Kay Kay Menon too adds his style and humour as a crime specialist. On the whole movie is watchable but without meeting the too high expectations of an ‘Anuarag Kashyap’ film. This is not his best film for sure. I will give only 2.5 star to this much awaited film.

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