Food Delights of Indore

Savoring Kesaria Peda at Savanriya Sweets, Indore

Savoring Kesaria Peda at Savanriya Sweets, Indore

Roaming around cities in India, you frequently come across some small around- the-corner food shops and stalls which offer you amazing gastronomical delights. During one such visit to Indore, I came across the ‘Savanriya Sweets’ selling only Kesariya Peda(soft dumpling of milk-khoya). The shop is in a very small corner of Bajrang Mandir of Subhash Chowk, Rajwada, Indore. The gentleman there was selling some saffron tinged small yellowish peda. I was attracted by his confidence in selling a single sweet product in this busy market. Only if one has that deep confidence in your product, one will do that.

I asked him to let me taste his product first. I popped one into my mouth and rolled my tongue over it. It was really soft and yummy. I have earlier tasted pedas of Mathura and Lucknow and relished them a lot always, but this too was really good. The saffron tinge was really making a difference. I liked it a lot and ordered a portion more. Everybody else in the group looking at our facial expression in favor of peda, tasted themselves and relished it equally if not more. I thanked the shop keeper for making and  selling this sweet delight.

After savoring the peda and satisfying our sweet tooth, I moved to try one more very popular recipe of Indore at ‘Joshi Dahi Wada Wale’. This shop right in shoppers’ paradise of Indore-Sarrafa Bazar(Jewellers Market), is doing tasty dahi wada for decades. I too reached there with my group. We entered the shop and there were few persons already eating them in big paper bowls. The size of dahi-wada too was one of the biggest, we had seen or eaten anywhere in India. We ordered too and soon were offered big paper bowl of that, with curd almost overflowing. As soon as I had the first bite of it, I realized that this was really good and one of the best I had ever. The perfect balance of hardness and softness of it was really the key thing. It was really yummy and no amount of explanation in words will suffice for the satisfaction I had by actually eating it. I was really happy at my choice.

One more interesting recipe I noticed it at shop was, ‘Bhutte-ki-Khees‘. I was enticed by the name of recipe first and decided to try it myself. It was made of grated corn and is a Malwan specialty. The taste was really good. I had never had any similar dish in any part of India. The preparation was simple and perfect. I read about  this recipe afterwards, in Tarala Dalal’s writing too and was happy to have relished it at one of the best shops in India. I had my stomach full by now and had decided to skip the lunch, more so perhaps to retain the test of the gastronomical delights, I just had in Indore.

The sacrifice of lunch was followed by one more food joint-Ice Cream. The Kamat owned ice cream brand of Mumbai, Naturals is increasingly getting popular all over India, due to its philosphy of real fruits instead of just flavours in ice cream. The brand has its outlet at Indore also and we decided therefore to relissh few fresh fruit ice creams before leaving the mini-Mumbai city of Maharashtra. The ice creams we had included, Kala Jamun, Cheeku, Tender coconut and many more. I was so bold by the taste of them that I decided to get few packed with dry ice in thermocol box to carry them back to home. I really relished them all. In fact all food delights of Indore including the old and new ones left a memorable taste in my mouth.

I miss that in Lucknow.

Naturals at Indore

Naturals at Indore

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