View From The Top:Taipei 101

Taipei 101

Taipei 101

In year 2004, Taipei 101 with a height of 509 metres located in captal city of Taiwan, overtook the Petronas tower of Malaysia(451 Meters) and became the tallest building of the world. This distinction continued till 2010, the year in which it was overtaken by Burj Al Khalifa(829 metres).IMG_7023

I had an opportunity recently to visit this iconic green building during my stay in Taipei. The building has many corporate offices and some high value brand shops. It has also become a favorite tourist spot also due to the records and the panoramic views, it offers from the observatory area at the 89th and 91st floor. It costs a neat Rs 1000 in Indian currency to get an entry to the lift. There can be no other way too perhaps to scale those heights! The lift for the purpose is also the fastest lift in the world with a top speed of 1010 metres per minute, that is actually a speed of more than 60 km per hour!.

The Lift Display

The Lift Display

I too got up the 89th floor which has glasses on all sides to see the city and in fact most of Taiwan. The views from there are really amazing. I had reached there around sunset and to my great luck as the sun went down the horizon, all the lights were lit up in the city in all directions and the city landscape got illuminated with real beauty. I had amazing views from there and the pictures taken by me and before and after lights were on, speak more than the words I can think of.






One has to be real lucky to be a witness to these outstanding views I was so mesmerized by the views from up there, that I spent almost 2 hours in looking at great views from there, from all directions, many many times. Every second spent there was no less than being a bliss being so close to sky.

Love you Taipei.

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