Eslite: The 24 hour Book Shop in Taiwan

The Eslite Bookshop

The Eslite Bookshop

During my stay in Taiwan, I got to know about a book shop in Taiwan which opens for 24 hours! I was really surprised to hear that as there is none in huge country like India. I decided to visit it myself. I had my dinner first and then I headed for the bookshop. I reached around 10 pm and as I entered inside, was surprised to witness a good rush of the people there. The book shop was really crowded. The young and old, men and women, boys and girls, everybody was there.

The bookshop is huge one and has books on practically all topics under the sun. What was even more interesting was, that the bookshop had a reading area too. While usually a book shop will keep its book under covers and will not encourage reading them inside the store, the philosophy of Eslite is different. They want their customers to read there itself, you buy it or not. They usually display a sample copy for the purpose. I saw many individuals reading book in full silence.

Readers Inside the Book Shop

Readers Inside the Book Shop

I too looked around for a book, which Ii could read and enjoy in that great book reading environment. I laid my hands on ‘Happiness is…..500 things to be Happy About’ by Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar. The book has some great one liners underling the real happiness feelings hidden in small pleasures of life and nature. According to authors and I ditto that, Happiness can be in getting wet in rain. It can be in eating food cooked by your mother after long time. It can be in going to catch a bus and boarding the bus just by whisker or getting a lift to go up as you enter a building instead of waiting with pressed buttons.

Reading in Eslite

Reading in Eslite

I liked the book and to avail the opportunity of reading the book sat on a step up stool and gone through a large part of the book. I was really happy to be there around midnight and reading a book like in a library. Just opposite to the main entrance of the book shop, there is a decent coffee shop too and if you are feeling tired and sleepy even at midnight, you can go and buy the coffee too. It was really a perfect setting.

As I finished a good portion of book in the book shop without buying the book, I can very well say that, ” Happiness is also in reading a book in a bookshop without having to buy that.”

Thanks Eslite. We will like to have you here in India.

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