Namami Gange!

The Morning Besides Ganges

The Morning Besides Ganges

To quench my hitherto unsatiated thirst to see the nature’s wonder of Valley of Flowers, I was on my way to Govindghat, the base camp for further track up to Ghangaria and then to Valley of Flowers. I stayed over night at Forest Rest House, Muni-Ki-Reti just outside Rishikesh. This rest house ensconced among the thick trees of Haldu overlooking the banks of river Ganges had great locational advantage. Over night, I could hear the sounds, both of gushing water of Ganges and of the continuous tip-tip of rain water falling over the wood and tin roof of this very old forest rest house.
In the morning as I stepped out, I was wonder struck by the beauty of Mother Nature right in front of me. The banks of river ganges were brimming with high energy water flowing towards Haridwar. It being the Monsoon, the river was in full spate. The churnings in water could be noticed due to obstructions caused by few big boulders in the river stream. The minute droplets of water created by the impact, had enveloped the water surface and were creating a scene as if clouds had descended to kiss the feet of mother Ganges. The scenery near water was no less impressive. As the water had spread beyond the normal limits of the banks, the otherwise distant trees and their branches were almost touching the feet of overflowing Ganges. It was a pure morning bliss. I too bowed down to say, Namami Gange.

Ganges Near Rishikesh

Ganges Near Rishikesh

To add majesty and piety to scene, the Kanwariyas travelling through the road besides the river, were hailing Lord Shiva through clarion calls of ‘ Bol Bumm-Bol Bumm’. They come from far off places to take water from Ganges and offer it to the Shiv-Linga in their respective temples. The entire environment was really charged up with freshness of morning and by the religious fervor of Kanwariyas. To me, it was the perfect start for the trip to valley.

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