Gandhi Park: The Harsingar Walk

IMG_3041During course of my journeys to different cities of India and even abroad, I have been going around for morning walks, both for enriching my health as well as for getting a feel of place(city) at the best time of the day. No other time of the day perhaps showcases the city in real shades as the city wakes up to the morning bliss with the men and women, boys and girls, old and young queuing up for morning-walks along roads and jogger parks etc. On a recent trip to Dehradun, I went for a walk to the famous Gandhi park inaugurated in 1948 and situated very close to iconic Ghanta Ghar(Clock Tower). I had gone for a routine health-enhancing walk but was soon bowled over by the the ethereal morning mist of Doon Valley. It was really sublime and rejuvenating for body and soul.  To add beauty to this great environment inside the park there was a neat layer of fresh fragrant white flowers of harsingar or night jasmine, carpeted around the harsingar trees. The flowers had fallen off from the trees over the night and had not only created the most beautiful scene around them(trees), but also scented the entire Gandhi Park with their intoxicating fragrance. The layer of small white flowers with their orange smallish twigs were encircling the base of the trees and the visual impression thus generated was no less than magical and mesmerizing. The entire park was smelling sweetly as if somebody had poured in liters of night jasmine oil right there. IMG_3051

Pepped up this unique visual and sensory treat, I went in for seven or eight full circle walks of the jogging pathway, littered with harsingar. At the end of my one hour brisk walk, instead of feeling tired, I was full of energy for obvious reasons. I can still feel that fragrance while writing this blog. Perhaps, one has to be there really to understand the impact on visual and smelling senses. I was truly bowled over by this unique experience. I left the park after sometime, but not before appreciating and thanking enough the vision of the designers of this park.


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