Happiness is…….. in counting calories

One of the most embarrassing question to anybody heavier than his height minus 100 (formula devised in 1871 by Broca and Devine) may be, “What’s your weight?”. This rather innocuous question in present fast-packaged-food times can put off many otherwise noble and stable souls. I have faced this obvious but uncomfortable question many times over last few years and every time I have been asked this one, after a deep pause, I have re-resolved to reduce my weight and enhance my score as per Broca and Devine formula. Albeit I have failed few times and had false starts but the resolve to get better has still not got fatally fatigued inside me.

Pushed by family and friends (except  by my mother, to whom I were not overweight even at 100 kg), I have been trying all tricks and methods to reduce weight. I started with Baba Ramdev’s very popular Pranayaam  and other acrobatic aerobics, and got some head start too, the benefits however did not last for long. More often than not, I was back to square (round!) one. After many hiccups and false starts, I settled finally for old and reliable bicycle and tread mill exercises and I have been trudging on these machines on most of the mornings, now. While earlier I used to enjoy many cups of tea sitting with my wife along with many reams of neatly folded newspapers, presently I have been finishing the morning newspaper in a jiffy to make way for my exercise machines. Gone are the mornings when sitting on the front porch of my first floor residence I used to get continuous supply of ginger laced tea with Parle G and Brittania biscuits in the mornings. Also gone is the leisure to notice the singing birds perched on trees nearby. All these great and ethereal pleasures have been overtaken by the desire to score high on the dashboard of my exercise machines.

When I started in right earnest few weeks ago, it was tough for me to cross even 200 burnt calories, but now I can swing the scores by swiftly pedaling the cycle and by hitting the deck on treadmill. The scores now have reached to a respectable level. The satisfaction derived from these is no less than from a caffeine or even from a contraband narcotics. The result though comes after you have literally pushed yourself to the last bit of muscle flexing and after you have let your sweat flow like a perennial stream of salty water from top to toe. The result that comes out, is in pictures below.image

The pleasure of burning 412 calories in 54 minutes shown in blue shades really overtakes the pain suffered in making it glow that way and it keeps on egging me to set further and higher goals for my calories burning limits. This dashboard is really the one which brings the widest smile on my face these days, perhaps more than from a morning ginger laced tea!!!

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