The Grass Stacks in Uttarakhand

 Traveling through Uttarakhand in winters just before the snow fall will showcase to any keen watcher, a unique local practice of storing the fodder for the cattles for the oncoming harsh winters. Since the grass withers away in winters and there is nothing else to offer ( green fodder, unlike plains is not there) for next three months following December, the village folks and especially ladies, take special efforts to feed one of the most valuable asset of village folks, the livestock. They do this by making the stacks of grass and tie them up spirally over a tree. This is done for two reasons. One, they don’t have enough space to store their fodder for three months in their smallish and low height houses and two, the tied up spiraling grass bundles facilitate the draining of rain water and snow without spoiling or rotting the fodder. You will find these tied up near field in whole of Uttarakhand as I did in my recent visit in December. They have different local names also. While it is called as ‘Pureda’ in Garhwals, in Kumaon region it is called as ‘Luta’.

I hope we recognize these local practices and give respect to those who do it in a most environment friendly and organic way…Lots to learn from these local practices for all of us….img_6998

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