No Queue Please!

I was waiting for my Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong last night at Delhi Airport. After clearing immigration and after stuffing few items though the Mecca of consumerism know as Duty Free areas, I was feeling sleepy and was expecting a timely flight departure to get some night hours sleep instead of a lowered window panes night in the aeroplane( when sun is already in full glory on the horizon on the eastern side of the globe) like they do in late night departure flights from India. One of my co passenger, originally a native of India and now settled as a restaurateur at San Francisco USA was telling me that in no part of world where Indians travel, you could find an organized queue. He said all airlines as soon as boarding is allowed or sometimes even before that, surrender to the virtual ambush of Indian passengers to board a plane.
Very soon the boarding was announced. Though I had been witnessing how we board, I had not been that conscious earlier. I saw very soon that irrespective of propriety and advice of back row passengers being asked to board first, everybody queued up so quickly and so nonchalantly in front of boarding gate that after few queries by airline staff on their seat no, the airline staff surrendered soon and allowed every body to board in whatever the sequence they liked to. This vegetarian gentleman, originally from Jodhpurs in Rajasthan was dead right in his observation and smiled at the state of affairs, as was unfolding right in front of me. His wife was though asking him to say fewer words, but he was very clear.



He said even outside India, including USA, where the majority of travelers are Indians, airline staff surrender to situation, as far as queueing is concerned. I am not sure, this is Indian trait or an Asian trait? But whatever, it’s not a good one to be happy about.

He too joined in the melee in the end and along with me, made  his way to the last of queue and moved forward.

2 thoughts on “No Queue Please!

  1. सरकारी कार्यालयों को देखो तो हम से अधिक इत्मीनान में तो अवध के नवाब भी नहीं रहते।
    लेकिन सड़क पर,रेलवे क्रासिंग पर ,कहीं भी लगी लाइन में देखो तो हम एक बेचैन कौम दिखते है।
    संसाधनों की कमी के कारण हम
    पहले आओ पहले पाओ को ही मान्यता देते है।


  2. Observation true to the core.
    One more observation I would like to share…
    As soon as we Indians land we open our seat belts, take our hand baggages and que up to de-board the flight that again takes as much as 10-15 min. Thankfully at this time I sit back to observe the impatient passengers.


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