Pacific Coffee and Indian Kachori at Hong Kong

If you have to wait for 7 hours and more for your connecting flight at any airport, you will be feeling jittery. I was part of this dreadful experience this Saturday. After missing my last night sleep over late night Delhi-Hong Kong sector, I was waiting for my next flight to Fiji at Hong Kong airport for 7 hours!. Yes 7 hours. Courtesy free wi-fi at airport, I spent first few hours looking at my mobile followed by googling, followed by whatsaping followed by news on the net followed by some more net surfing followed by ogling at some really beautiful women( no details please!). Then I went for some window shopping but continued to do my mathematical calculations in INR Vs Honk Kong Dolor and US Dolor and continued to feel deprived why my native currency in exchange does not bring wads of notes? I could buy little therefore. I followed this again by some more mobile minutes, but this regime can sap your energy soon and you need something to eat as well. I was feeling hungry by afternoon and went for looking some food. The food was basically all Chinese or western junk food. I kept on looking at food options at many quick bites shops, but was not feeling motivated enough to buy that food. One big reason behind not easily choosing anything that was on offer was that my doting wife had packed some really delicious dal-kachoris with mango chutney for my trip. I knew that even if I bought no food, I would not be dying hungry at Hong Kong, so kept on judging all the food options even more scrupulously. I could not but anything therefore.

Then a great Eureka idea struck me. I had kachoris with me and as in India needed just some hot piping tea to polish few of them without spending a fortune. I smiled at my luck and appreciated my wife’s love for me, expressed through packed kachoris! I dashed off to buy some good tea or coffee to accompany my kachoris. Now, even at airport tea was more expensive than a full Andhra meal for three at Andhra Bhawan Delhi. I was still comparing but surrendered to my hunger. Army after all marches on stomach! I bought one tea for 306 bucks!. I came back to my seat to unchain my bag to prize open, the bowl of kachoris lovingly packed by my wife a day before.

Looking around me with slanted eyes, I opened the box and smelled kachoris with relish. Hunger is the best appetizer!. I polished off soon, three full kachoris with as much mango chutney as I could. It was really a great relief and very proud moment for an Indian to eat Kachoris in the land of dragon right at airport. The Indian delicacy and western icons of civilization coming in a big paper cup saying hello to each other. So what if, I spilled some kachori fillings on the carpet. After all it’s never easy to finish Indian food without spills. Check any Indian rail coach after a family has finished  food with the family. I left without that much though.

What a combination Sir ji!

What a combination Sir ji!

I was smiling afterward at this unique combination of Indian Kachoris coming to rescue of yours truly.

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

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