The Egg-blast at Orlando


While Europeans and Americans do have it cold, Indians love it hot only. I am talking about food only and that too about boiled eggs for the breakfast. So in New York when I had the option of only eating boiled and peeled eggs placed over ice cubes, I decided to look the other way. My wife however compromised against her will to eat them cold as that would have taken care of  vital energy needs for the rest of the day. I settled for scrambled eggs which fortunately were served hot.

However, I continued to yearn for hot boiled eggs, my usually favorite breakfast item. I could not eat any eggs during my New York stay and moved on to a hotel in Orlando. Much to our chagrin, this stay had the same style of breakfast food. No hot boiled eggs. I therefore resigned to my fate in USA and thought of having them only when I get back to India.

Then one fine day, when I was eating my breakfast, I noticed a microwave oven in one corner of the breakfast lobby. An idea crossed my mind that why the hell I did not notice that great help earlier as I could easily warm up ice-cold boiled eggs in minutes and would have had them hot in Indian style. After all, all happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast!. I looked at my wife sitting beside me and said to her in a voice full of newly gained confidence that, I finally had the solution to her woes and it was as simple as heating the ice cold eggs in a micro wave oven. She looked towards me in a rare sight of appreciation and nodded at my discovery. I straightened my neck even further.

In a sort of ‘March to Victory’, I dashed to pick four boiled ice cold eggs and placed them inside the microwave for heating. I sat the timer for sixty seconds and decided to wait there to get my prized catch of hot boiled eggs in a relatively cold USA. I could see that eggs were almost ready to be eaten and I was just waiting for the timer to stop. But suddenly there was a sort of mini blast right inside the microwave. I had no clue what had happened and all I could see was that some yellowish-white material had splashed across the inner glass wall of the micro wave. I was little shocked and little terrified. Had I placed some explosive material inside oven? Had I placed something else by mistake? What it was after all? I looked to the left and right of me and feeling assured that nobody was close by me at that early hour of breakfast, I decided to open the oven whose timer had also stopped by now.

As I opened the door of the oven I realised that it was an Egg-blast, first of such kind in my life. All I could see was only two eggs left in my plate and full two eggs had splashed themselves in all imaginable yellowish designs on all four walls of the oven. Scared by the thought that I might have to pay damages under so called tough  American rules, I picked a full pack of napkins and tried to wipe off the oven faster than P T Usha had ran at Los Angeles some 32 years ago. I did not want to be caught in the act and lose like Usha by less than 100th of the second. I cleaned it up almost very fast. I looked around me one more time and sensing that nobody had got hints of my misdemeanors, I rushed out of the breakfast lobby. I decided to not experiment any further and buried 6 feet under the ground my hopes of eating hot boiled eggs in USA.

I still don’t know what caused this blast? Was it a half boiled egg from inside whose liquid released gases on heating or was the egg spoiled with some gases already inside? If the eggs were not to be heated with microwave then why the other two eggs survived the ordeal? I have not get an answer yet. May be those who are reading this, may want to enlighten me. But after this experience, I was scared to try again. For hard boiled hot eggs, I had to wait till I landed in India. Any more misadventure could have alerted only FBI perhaps. So no more blasts in USA…..

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