Fiji Diary: Small is Beautiful


Situated at International Date Line Fiji, a nation of 300 islands and a population less than one million rekindles inside me my G.K. quiz memories of 90s when we used to ask tough questions amongst our group members. We looked at it as a nation too far and too small to be concerned beyond a point. However, I continued to update me though as a student of international relations. I can still recall the name of army General Sitevani Rambuka who did a coup in 90s. After it became peaceful, it went off my radar. I knew there was Fiji and there were many islands. I also had the idea that a lot many Indian origin persons were there. But notwithstanding the curiosity, the country remained more or less a lesser known entity to me. So when Tokyo based APO(Asia Productivity Organisation) offered to hold a seminar on green productivity in which I could participate, I decided to grab the offer with both hands.


I landed at Nadi in March 2016, the bigger international airport of the country, located  190 km apart from capital city Suva. Nadi is a small airport and it had been affected badly by cyclone Winston in February. I reached my hotel Tanoa International which was located close to airport. I  was tired a lot, due to two continuous nights spent in a plane, first night between Delhi and Hong Kong and second between Hong Kong and Nadi. I was jet legged actually and had to take some good rest to overcome that to prepare for oncoming 9 to 5 hectic week of seminar.

We took part in the seminar focusing on Green Productivity tools over the next week and had good interactions with participants from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and even Colombia. We learned a lot on the subject but what was really impressive about this country was its unadulterated beauty of green and pristine in its most natural form. I have been a traveler as a part of my job and personally too seen all sorts of islands in India and beyond but what I saw in this very small nation was beyond what I could foresee and visualize. My imagination was  found limited against the unparalleled and unimaginable beauty of Fiji. It was simply green and blue in all imaginable shades. One could be exhausted by the magnitude and span of its beauty. It was captivating and mind blowing. I was simply bowled out by outstandingly beautiful Fiji. The pictures below can bear some testimony to that.

DSC_3723 DSC_3752 DSC_3764 DSC_3807 DSC_3969 DSC_3991 DSC_4464 DSC_4488

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