The Poor Rich and the Rich Poor

If you are one who can afford a driver( my uncle living in USA once commented that in USA only the President can afford to have a personal driver!) then have you noticed that when you go to visit a friend or a family in your driven car, you leave your driver very casually behind to wait for while you are busy socializing and gossiping and enjoying your time. And as soon as you go inside, your driver would normally start lining up or parking and you get ensconced  in to the comfort of your friend’s or family’s home. Unless you are an un-homo sapient or from Mars, you hardly look back to see what your driver would be doing or how would be spending his time? He is left behind to take care of himself and sometimes in residential areas about which he would not be knowing and would not be even sure that how much time he has at his disposal to relieve himself or find some water to drink or tea or food etc. He has to remain alert to your anytime reappearance. In between he is left to the mercy of your host who would very rarely be concerned about those sundry needs of a poor chap, who otherwise is very trusted ally or Sarathi of you.

Now, I am going to tell you a secret. If you ask your driver that given a choice, where would he like to drive you to? To a rich friend or to a not so rich or even a poor friend of you? The answer if given honestly would be, he would like to carry you to a poor friend and not to a rich one. Really? Yes, really.

Except on very few and rare occasions you would notice(if you chose to really care) that only when you visit your not-so-rich friends or acquaintances your driver is sure to get a chair to sit upon inside the house in varandah or near a need or some other street tree or some other suitable place. Your host unblinded by the sick richness while taking good care of you would also be careful and humane to offer him a cup of tea and even whatever food he would be able to manage. Unhelped by any domestic help the children of the house would be asked to carry food and water to your driver. In fact your driver can never return thirsty or hungry from a poor friend’s house and unfortunately would not never return fed( exceptions and I mean that literally) from the house of your rich friend. He would find door closed at your rich acquaintances as soon as you get in to the cozy comforts of AC or heaters depending upon the weather, and he would be seen only when you get out to board again. Nothing in between. This despite the fact that he might need to wait from 15 minutes to 5 hours or even more. The duration of the wait and his resultant suffering is inversely proportional to the riches of your host!!!. Is it not true?

I don’t have clear cut answers to this unbearable enigma but I have noticed this now too many times to call it by chance. So, if you care about your driver too, please visit your poor or not so rich friends of yours more. And if you want to or have to visit rich ones too, please don’t forget to take care of your trusted ally yourself. Don’t forget to look behind while going in.

Do you really care or ‘being human’is a slogan only??

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