Rio to Saifai: Bend it(Gender) like Sindhu

After Sakshi Malik broke the jinx and India got its first medal of ongoing Rio Olympics in form of a bronze in wrestling, P. V. Sindhu won a Silver medal for India on 19th August, the first one by any Indian woman athlete and best so far by an Indian in this Olympics. Everybody is celebrating the victory as that of whole of India and is raising a toast to the girl-power. Exactly 4 days ago on 15th August in Saifai, Etawah the native village of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, I was engaged in fruit distributions to the patients of the Saifai medical college  and was doing a round of the hospital with the Vice Chancellor and rest of the team.

In the course of my round, I came across a bed in a female ward on which a lady was lying on the bed in sort of silent mode with her head covered(symbol of a lady who has delivered a baby recently). Just beside her, was a cradle having two sweet little baby girls. Attracted by the beauty and Godliness of twin little fairies, I stopped by to have a closer look. An elder woman was sitting nearby and I asked about the babies. She was not enthused by my queries and said in a resigned tone that those two 6 days old girls had followed another baby girl born to same mother earlier and therefore now they had three daughters. She was having a very long face and took a deep breath after sharing with me this anguish laden information. I looked at the mother who was also not very happy and was not radiating any happiness or cheerfulness despite delivering safely two little princesses. I was non-plussed at their reactions and tried to cheer them up by saying that those two and the first one would not only bring glory to the family, but also take care of the parents when they are old. But as we have seen in our society often, my words could not bring much cheer on the face of older lady or the mother herself. She was getting influenced by the reactions of her near and dear ones. The little princesses on the other hand who were just 6 days old were sleeping with a smile on their faces and were oblivious to the sheepish reactions of the world outside. I don’t think I have seen more beautiful creation of God in last few years( my sweet daughter is 17 and the younger son is 14 already). I just smiled at the twins and prayed God for taking good care of those two angels.

Now as the whole nation is celebrating the victories of our two daughters at Olympics, I am rewinding my experience at the hospital on the 70th Independence Day. Have we still not matured as society or nation? I think we(India) have miles to go before we can sleep. India(we) has to do a lot to come out of sick slumber of the male bias. Thank you Sakshi and Sindhu for showing to us all, that Girls are better if not equal to sons. Long Live Olympics. I hope that mother of Saifai hospital would be more proud of her  twin angels four days after 70th Independence Day.

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