The Week That Was

My desire to make the most of my solitary existence at Saifai kept on pushing me to try learn and do more over the week 34th of 2016.

1. It started with 70th Independence Day festivities and my first at Saifai as registrar. The VC who is a retired Brigadier Doctor unfurled the flag with pride and gusto. It was his first too as VC of whole University, earlier ones being with him as the director of the institute.

2. It was followed by one different humbling experience; of distribution of fruits to the in house 1000 odd patients of the hospital. To be honest, I had not anticipated the emotional rather tumultuous joyride that followed. Along with Boss and team, we went to different wards of different types of patients. There were sick man and women, old and young, kids and mothers, serious and very serious with all possible diseases you can think of. Right from a broken leg to an open stomach, from an ICU patient to CCU patient, from a Dengue patient to those having venereal diseases(Gupt Rog will convey the right feel), from a just-delivered mother to a would be mother soon, from a small children being operated for a small injury causing a blood bath sort of at trauma centre to a still patient who had just died with a white sheet covering his face. It was really energy sapping and exhausting for me, just short of a trauma. Actually on this day, I understood the real meaning of often heard “Pahala Sukh Nirogi Kaya”. I also noticed a pair of female twins lying in a cradle. The woman lying on the bed was in a somber mood and when I inquired further, came to know that she had a daughter already. It was 3 now( Detailed in a separate Blog published already).

3. In the afternoon, I also enjoyed the cocktails hosted by JCOs. I came to know that in armed forces, there is a tradition of junior officers hosting seniors on 15th Aug while on 26th Jan it is the seniors who play the host. Its a lovely idea actually.

4. I listened to the interview of James Cameron, ace director of biggest hits like Titanic and Avatar. This Canadian borne visionary director invents his own technology before starting filming like deep-sea underwater shooting and facial expressions reading technology. This man is a super-expert Scuba Diver and has clocked more than 3000 hours of scuba diving! This man has so much time for his hobby. He takes years to conceptualize his ideas and even draws pictures sourced from his own dreams. Nobody can forget the master pieces created after this process Titanic and Avatar. What a man of perfection and vision really.

5. Gone through an article about David Kirsch, the author of ‘Ultimate Family Wellness”. He believes in the idea of living in the moment and says that, ” Today is the first day of the rest of my life.” Well said really. He enunciated principles like, Be Accountable, Believe in Yourself and Don’t Let Stress Sabotage Wellness Goals and Connect Mind and Body. An impressive list really.

6. The biggest event of the week of course was the Raksha Bandhan. My sister has been like a second mom to me and therefore myself and brothers make it a point to gather either at Lucknow or at Dehradun for celebrating it with gusto. It happened this year too creating once again one of the best memories of the life. Gathering of the whole family and those chats(real) with everybody contributing and with cups of tea vanishing one after another is priceless and unforgettable. The sweet taste of these moments of togetherness remains for weeks perhaps.

For me the week was enjoyable with some travelling thrown in between Saifai and Lucknow.

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