One More Suicide or One More Murder ?

This morning all the newspapers of Lucknow have published a heart wrenching news of a young boy of class 10 shooting himself to death at his home. He was solving numerical when he shot himself and was preparing for his pre-board exams next day. This young boy wrote a one line suicide, “I Quit………….” There are images of the suicide note with blood splattered on it and parents in the deepest sorrow of their life. The pain is too much for them to bear and I have to admit that this news coming on the back  of so many similar news in last few years, I am most deeply disturbed. I am disturbed not only because I too have teenage kids but because this is too close, too real to face, too heavy a price to pay for the mad rush of marks  and successes in the coming exams over Feb and March. The Kota for so many similar reasons is gradually becoming the suicide capital of innocents of India.

In this interconnected world every body wants to be number one only. The school wants to be the best, the top ranker. The teacher wants to be the best in school. The parents wants to be the proud parents of the most successful kids only. The family wants to be the best family with highest number of successful boys and girls. The society wants to leave behind every other society or ethnicity. They want to be endowed with best and brightest. Moreover the parameters of being best and brightest are so narrowly defined in terms of material indices that we all have thrown the innocent kids into the harshest and cruelest  ring of their life where an innocent child has to save himself from marauding tigers. At age 3, a child invariably is thrown in front of hungry lions of the system as if he was a gladiator of Roman age. Just visualize the trauma of a child preparing for a pre-nursery admission in all parts of India. This is nothing but exposing your innocent most child to pack of wolfs. Just try visualize the stress every other boy and girl is undergoing before board exams. They really shudder to think about the reactions of their school and parents if they scored anything less than 90%. This is killing them. They may be undergoing stress of nightmarish proportions without almost nobody to share.

This game of unequal gladiators is played with the connivance of everybody the society, the parents and the education system. Shivyansh lost his life yesterday. No, actually we all have literally conspired to kill him. We conspired to create circumstances so that he jumps over a cliff to save his dignity like a girl would do sometimes to fend off lecherous mob after her. Shivyansh was a sensitive boy. He was happy with his brother, mother and father too. He tried his best. He was solving numerical just before he quit. He tried his best to stand up in front of hungry mammoth systemic tigers. But the hungry lions of expectations and forced- down-the-throat aspirations around him were ruthless and mean. They did not let him survive. They tore him apart. They killed him with a purpose. They wanted only the best to survive. They wanted only most ferocious to survive so that he could take their place once they were old and could not kill themselves. And so that he could also devour without compunction the innocent hare of future.

Dear Shivyansh, I am sorry. I am part of this pack of systemic wolves. I could not save you. May your soul rest in peace and may almighty punish the killers. Here, the killers are roaming free. May be, they don’t even know that they killed somebody yesterday. Or they would say nonchalantly that nobody killed Shivyansh.

Really ?????


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