What I Saw in Darkness?

Yesterday evening I was back to home relatively early and was reading Michael Lewis’s ‘Undoing Project’ sitting at my porch. As the evening sun was growing more and more reddish it was time to say good-bye to the day, but looking at the fading sun going beneath the horizon, I decided to do a quite stroll on my house roof. I wanted to use this lovely and calm time of the day to just ponder over what I had been reading. Personally, I have been accustomed to these lazy strolls over my roof in this house and in my previous house also but now they are few and far in between. The view you get from the roof is always refreshing as your sight is not blocked by the walls and buildings around and you feel as if you can see far and wide like an eagle. It’s a luxury now a day as in this television and mobile age, hardly few are found on their roofs in the evening or for that matter in the morning either. Few decades ago or I would say almost till the end of twentieth century you might have noticed your neighbors strolling on the roofs as part of their daily routine. In fact far more love stories would have bloomed and blossomed over the roofs than inside the listless bugged-by-smart phone rooms of current times. I still remember opening my eyes to the vast blue sky as I used to sleep under the sky over some nights when either erratic electricity supply had ditched us on few nights or sometimes when, in those non-ac days it was always better to spend night sleeping with cool breezes under a moon lit sky than sweating out in humid nights with ‘Orient’ fans throwing warm gushes of winds over your body. Those lovely moments are now rare and despite much cajoling, my kids after one failed attempt (that’s another story to tell) never have tried that again. But believe me, now I feel those nights were not just five-star nights but a true million star nights.

As I continued to lazily stroll over the interesting insights derived from the book, the sun set further down and soon it got dark enough to enlighten me. Enlighten ? In dark? Yes, In dark. As now suddenly I could see a beautiful moon of the 4th night of the lunar calendar and also the scores of twinkling stars. These stars were obviously there even when the sun was out and it’s light was helping us to see everything very clearly. But the same light was not letting us see the most beautiful moon and the wonderfully twinkling stars. As the sun had gone down the horizon and was not illuminating this part of earth, my same eyes were now capable of enjoying the unparalleled celestial beauty. It was possible to see same dark beauties without sun lights. I was thrilled to note all this.

But, what does it mean? Does it mean that some times you need darkness around to see more beautiful things? It seemed to me that you sometimes need to free yourself from the shackles of light which might have by its nature, obfuscated or compromised your vision. To me this felling was another Eureka moment. I realized that you don’t need just light to see, you need darkness also to see around! Yes, that was obvious to me yesterday evening. Likewise perhaps, the lack of light in a situation of life might be giving us an opportunity to not miss seeing what was no less important and no less beautiful either. This is life actually. We fail to notice what is within our eyesight whenever we were blinded by the excessive lighting of the light or metaphorically excessive light of ‘name’ and ‘fame’. We may easily get lost in the glory of the light and avoid and hate darkness, while the latter shows us what you normally don’t see at all. So next time you are in darkness, don’t despair. Just see in the darkness of the day or in darkness of life what you might have missed till then. There may be more options and may be better scenarios than before. So don’t need to run from darkness. Just open your eyes without the noise and pollution of bright lights and see what you can possibly see. Just be yourself at that moment and even if there was nothing else, don’t forget to relish the beauty of the moon and the twinkle-twinkle little stars. They are really beautiful.


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