The Kick of Sunday Newspapers

Over the years as I have aged and get frequently peeled off, of my illusions about the  knowledge I claim to profess, I have started looking forward even more to Sunday Mornings, for the heavy duty(literally) and supplements loaded morning news papers. The Sunday newspapers vernacular or otherwise, are specially laden with insight provoking and entertainment articles, than on any other day. Therefore while on other days, I do get up in the morning to make to the office in time and towards that end do pre-office household chores, on Sundays I do get up on time to be the first to feel the neatly packed reams of news paper laced with smell of a fresh newsprint roll. Apart from many other things(which you can guess!) on Sunday morning, it’s a bouquet of unread and neatly folded newspapers that gives me a real kick.

If I try tracing the background of this, I think probably this habit of me took shape during my teens, when we had just a Hindi Newspaper(Swatantra Bharat) to start with. Subsequently as the clock moved on and as I could finish off one newspaper in no time, I added on Times of India followed by Indian Express and The Hindu. And when Lucknow was not a ‘Metro City’, I used to get these English newspaper from Delhi which were delivered to our homes in the evening! I remember our Joshi ji doing this for us for years and years together.

I remember I used to wait for the newspaper, as I was an early riser. The pleasure of a neatly plated newspaper is unlike any other, and while you can feel the same with new books as well, there are fewer opportunities with them. If you could add to this the pleasure of n number of hot teas with Karachi Bakery’s fruit biscuits, nothing can be bring more happiness. Moreover if you want to feel like in heaven, do all this wrapped in warm and cozy quilt in the winter mornings. It would be Jannat and no less and you would almost feel an orgasm(no sin intended!). Also perhaps we may not realise that only natives of sub continent do have this unique luxury of getting a newspaper delivered right at their doorsteps by a hawker irrespective of rain or fog every morning. Believe me, no body is so rich to have that luxury in USA or Europe and I learned that when I was there for some time. You can buy newspapers on nearby convenience store or regular shop, but in no way you can get it personally delivered at your home almost 365 mornings.

However my wife and kids don’t see them so kindly. For them they(!) are a trouble, and nothing else. While my wife seems them as a potential challenger to her precious tete-a-tete with her, my kids fear  that I would burden them to relish something which they don’t really. It’s a sort of an extra avoidable burden on them. However I do keep trying and get success on some bright sunny days. They also rather ruthlessly, don’t forget to remind me that my love for newspaper may not survive for long against the onslaught of e-papers. While sometimes they do follow my advise and go through the newspaper with as much lackadaisical attitude as possible. However on some occasions when on the basis newspaper sourced knowledge, they get some head start in some discussions in the class or when they can answer some KBC questions earlier than others, they do feel that the nudge of their father is not that bad. That heartens me too, but I know everybody has his or her style of loving or not loving anything and they must have that privilege intact. That I am reading so much in this age of hostage-to-smartphone-generation, I think I am doing fine enough as an example for them.

So, before writing this article consumes most of this lovely Sunday morning time and before e-papers and smart screens take over our planet, let me flip through some more pages and enjoy unraveling my lack of knowledge, little more.

I love you Sunday…..Keep Coming…….


6 thoughts on “The Kick of Sunday Newspapers

  1. I can’t afford missing sunday edition.
    Yes, physical newspaper is best and hope they don’t go obsolete.
    What would you choose TOI or Indian Express BTW?


  2. It’s so simple and yet very aptly written. Your writings make ordinary details look extraordinary. Yes, we all wait eagerly like you for that relaxed Sunday morning.


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