The Googley Ways

I don’t remember who exactly advised me to read ‘How Google Works’ written by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, but I did nevertheless finished reading it last night. The book written by actual Googlers or coming from Horse’s Mouth is a book with difference as it actually delineates the way Google works or better, the way Google thinks. The last para of the chapter-conclusion poignantly says that some where somebody might be creating something which may eventually render Google irrelevant. The authors who are the soul of Google in more ways than one find even this idea inspiring and not preposterous or chilling. To me they are entrepreneurs out there to make money but are also honest in their intentions and in the ways they run their companies and perhaps that explains why in just two decades Google is a 55 Billion Dollar Company spread over some 40 nations and employing some 50000 googlers.

If you look at the history of Finnish mobile giant Nokia now and what it was till five or 6 years ago, you may perhaps understand the seriousness of the possibilities. Nokia has been literally swept out of the market just by Android platform. It was software which threw Nokia out and not the hardware and that was not even aimed at undoing Nokia. They were doing their work(mobile operations) just differently and in the way which was more convenient to mobile users. So, Google may be outsmarted if it is ever done, by ideas of software and not by the hardware. However the way Google is ready to adopt and change and improvise and the way it is open to its own criticism, the possibility of Google being swept aside are minuscule as per my understanding.

I think we need companies like Google as that may also be the way ahead if human beings want to survive and reach out to the solutions of most if not all the problems of this world. I think humans can find out the solutions of most of the problems, because the solutions and problems are always interlinked. The challenge is to link the two. I would call that, the problem of Locks and Keys. The problems humanity faces like hunger, diseases and environmental issues  are locks and the solution we need are the keys. The placement of locks and keys together is the task for the global community and of Googles or Apples or IBMs of this world and of scores of many visionaries and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk and many more who need to put their heads and hearts together by collaborating and by sharing the information. It seems Google may be best suited to assume the role of the aggregator of the best pool of the talent we have on this planet earth. The ingenuity of humans to create problems is infinite. Just look what we have done to our own environment. The speed at which we have contributed to elimination of scores of species from the planet earth is unnerving and the way the icebergs are collapsing due to global warming and all, are unsettling. However the human capacity to find solutions of the same is also infinite. So the Locks(problems) created by humanity may be unlocked by the keys(solutions) only if we all put our heads together. It is like settling pieces of Jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are there, we need to just slog out hard enough to piece them together. I think we will.


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