The Paradise Named as Deoriatal

I had been hearing since long that the Deoriatal located in the Uttarakhand hills is the India’s answer to Switzerland. I had also been hearing that it gets fully covered in snow in winters and remains as such up to March end. I was told that the best time to visit Deoriatal and nearby Chopta is in March and early April as that is the time of flowering of rhododendrons known locally as ‘Buransh’ and when the petals of red buransh fall on snow white snow it seems like some one has deliberately thrown the red sindoor far and wide over the white sheet of snow. I was really fascinated to hear all this and when in April, I was offered a chance this April by my Jija ji living in Dehradun  to see Deoriatal and Chopta up and close, I pounced upon the offer like a hungry tiger would upon a meaty Sambhar.

So here I was at village Saari after a night at Ukhimath. The village Saari is the place from where the track to Deoriatal starts. It is a comfortable 3 Km trek but it is best to do if you do in the early morning as the air is dense at this time and has more oxygen than in the afternoon. The trek to Deoriatal is an introduction to the mighty and most beautiful Himalayas and I think it is better to say that through the pictures. Words do have their limitations and may be pictures will narrate what the words can not;


The Village Saari: At the Start of Trek to Deoriatal

Beautiful Pine Twins!

The Glistening leaves in the morning sun

The Himalayas

Mighty Chaukhamba

Deoriatal with Chaukhumbha Images

The Campers Paradise Deoriatal

The Sunset Beauty

The Buransh(Rhododendrons)

The Buransh Laden Path

The Unbelievable but True Buransh Layered Path

Our Abode for the memorable night

Standing Boldly against the mighty Chaukhamba

The Deoriatal at 8000 Feet

The Beautiful Full Moon Night At Deoriatal


Do I need to say anything more about Deoriatal?


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