Less Than Perfect But Happy Self

I just finished reading the book ‘Selfie’ written by British author Will Storr. The book is about our self obsession and the evolution of the concept of “I” and “Self” since pre Christianity Greek Period.

2. The author distinguishes between the Western Greek Notion of importance given to I or Individual as the central pivot of state and society vis a vis more harmonious position of I or me in Eastern civilisation.

3. He tries to show through his arguments that our over importance and obsession about desirability and possibility of a perfect self(not possible normally for most) expressed inter-alia through uncountable selfies is seeding in more and more dissatisfaction in all of us leading to fall in mental health. He also reads a Neo-Liberal conspiracy in over promotion of the concept so that those at the margins of economy and society are left behind without a moral dilemma.

4. We have been told in last 2 decades particularly that all of us can be the best and the brightest and if we don’t achieve that, that means we have not tried well or that we did not do justice to our talent. This feeling only causes us to curse ourselves while the truth is that we all are different and less than perfect. We should accept our imperfect self also because happiness is not subservient to being perfect. Otherwise all rich and most beautiful would have been smiling all the day. We all know, this does not happen. Deepika Padukone suffered bouts of depression despite being a perfect beauty and some top scientists and sports personalities have been in many controversies including attempted suicides.

5. So enjoy your grey hair and less than perfect Greek Godish body and live happily with full of empathy for your environment.

Therefore I have got my fair share of questions answered after reading this book and I hope I will love and enjoy my life even more now!!


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