Jitendra Pratap Singh
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bio: The Author a career bureaucrat as a Provincial Civil Services Officer is much in love with life and is simply mesmerised by its magic. The author has seen almost all of India and has travelled to different parts of the Globe to gain insight into the daily happenings of life including the smallest ones like, 'waiting' for a hawker to deliver a newspaper on a wintry rainy day or a stressed out Indian preparing for all sorts of imagined questions just before facing the immigration officials of U S Border customs. These and many more ordinary events are so full of life, that author can not restrain himself from underlining them in his language and with his personalised touch. The emotion and pain of suffering many experiences are visible in many of the writings you will see in the blog.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. A good teaser to motivate the potential readers to go through the book. The quest for right path is actually an unsatiable one till one attains finality. Good job by the reviewer.

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  2. Dear Jithendraji, we are so glad to have bumped into your blog ! we were looking for the panel in the sabarmati ashram which narrates the incident of Gandhi’s sister leaving the ashram because she did not want to share the space with untouchables. could you please please help ..?


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